Electrical Designer

1. College degree or above in Electric or related majors;
2. Mastering the professional norms and procedures and proficiency in design;
3. Be proficient in CAD and other design software;
4. 1+ years electrical design experience in large scale landscape design;
5. Responsible and careful, good professional quality and teamwork spirit;
6. With working experience in a landscape design company is preferred.

Landscape Construction Designer

1. Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Civil Building or related majors;
2. Familiar with landscape construction design, national and local regulations, policies and industry standards;
3. Be proficient in CAD and other drawing software;
4. 2+ years working experience in related industries and design experience in large scale residential, park and community projects is preferred;
5. Good professional integrity, clear thinking, talk decently and good sense of teamwork.