BOTAO Landscape (Australia) belongs to Peddle Thorp Architects Melbourne. The company was established in 1999 and was one of the first large landscape design companies in Shenzhen. It has passed the “ISO9001: 2008 quality management system”, and also has possessed the grade B qualification of landscape architecture construction design certification. The company has also received many honorary titles, such as “The Best Collaboration 2013" from Gemdale group, "The Best Collaboration 2012” from KAISA group, “The Best Landscape Design Company” from the 2nd International Landscape and Urban Planning Conference in 2012 and "Top Ten Influential Landscape Design Company”. The company has been invited to be a Strategic Partner of Times House Magazine, a Membership Company of International New Landscape Magazine and a Council Member of Landscape Design Magazine.

       BOTAO Landscape (Australia) is specialized in environmental and landscape art design. It has rich project design experience not only in China, but also in the whole world. Design covers public cityscape design, residential landscape design, urban complex design and tourism space planning.

       Since its inception, the company has completed and was involved in nearly two hundred projects such as “Zhangjiagang municipal government. Zhangjiagang Town River Reconstruction” (READesign China Award 2014-2015 as the award of Chinese public urban space, 2014 IAI Design Award), “YANLORD. Nanjing YANLORD Dream Land Sales Center” (READesign China Award 2014-2015 as the award of Chinese commercial landscape space), “Sinotruk. Jinan Sinotruk Emerald Lemmon Lake“ (The New Media Prize of Architecture 2014 as the Landscape Award), “Gemdale. All- One City”(China Real Estate Innovation Model Award 2014), “Huangshan Land Liyang IN Lane” (the Eighth Kinpan Award as the best commercial project 2013), “Zhuhai CITIC Mangrove Bay” the Seventh Kinpan Award as the best comprehensive project 2012), “Sinotruk Jinan Emerald Garden” (the Asian Culture and Humanistic Creation Award from Asian Living Environment Society 2006), “Xiamen Future City” (the Best Creation Award in the Second China International Building Art Biennial 2006), “Sino-Ocean Beijing Ocean Palace”, Shenzhen Vanke Fifth Garden”, “Shenyang Baoneng World Financial Center”, “Qingdao Chengyang Powerlong City Plaza“, “Zhanjiang Kingkey City”, “Xi’an Gedmale Lake City”, “ASEAN Nanning Indonesia Garden”, “Beihai Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula”, “Hwaloilee Shenzhen St-Moritz”, “Pan-China Zhangzhou Yuanshanzhuren”, “KAISA Wuhan Golden Word”, “Fuzhou Zhonglian Tianyu”, “Zhangjiagang Binjiang Newtown Xiangshan Park”and so on. 

       Along with the rapiddevelopment of Chinese economy, residential buildings are growing faster than ever, and people want more about their living environment. Modern landscape design cannot be just as easy as some traditional landscape types and styles, but should be influenced by modern abstractionism and cubism. Modern landscape should embrace the industrial product point of view that style and function are both important and create a modern functional landscape space based on human.

       Botao Landscape (Australia) has many foreign landscape designers, more than 100 landscape designers, architects, planting designers involved from concept design to construction design. With a high level of design and good service for all new and old customers, we will be offering our unique creativity, advanced technology and rich experience services.